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My Name is Ken Williams, a Civil War fiction reviewer. I have been interested in the Civil War for the past 47 years, ever since my father gave me a comic book on the War at age three. I wish I still had that book, be worth a good buck now! Presently I have over 1000 different titles on the War or related American history and to my family’s chagrin; it takes up all parts of the house.

I graduated from Gettysburg College with a B.A. and worked for a short time with the NPS at Gettysburg (ah to get to talk Civil War all day and be paid for it!) But, alas, I needed to make a living more than what Uncle Sam could provide and got into the business world. I currently run the Accounts Receivable division for a large Pittsburgh area behavioral healthcare agency.

I continue to stay very involved with Civil War history- being on the review board of the “Civil War News” , doing several public presentations of the War each year and taking much too long on my own book project on my ancestor’s unit – the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry (the “old Eleventh”, not the 11th Reserves, that’s another story). I also used to reenact when I had time and strength.


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  1. Tim Woods Avatar

    Dear Mr. Williams,

    Brett Schulte referred me to you as someone who might be interested in reviewing my book.

    I’ve written a Civil War novel titled, ‘Grant Me Timely Grace.’ I have an agent, but it’s not published.

    The first 5 chapters of the book are listed on the above site, worthyofpublishing, where I’m hoping to generate some interest in the book.

    If you’d prefer, I’d be happy to send you a hard copy of the manuscript.

    Thank you for considering this.

    (I’m 59 y/o and been an amateur student of the Civil War since about 9.)


    Tim Woods

  2. C Baker Avatar
    C Baker

    Mr. Williams, I recently found that my great-grandfather also served in the 11th PVI. I would very much like to purchase your book (if it is finished) and see what information I might glean from you regarding our ancestor’s unit. Please e-mail me.

  3. Sue Ott Avatar
    Sue Ott

    Dear Mr. Williams,
    The Apollo Area Historical Society is planning a Civil War Day in October and are wondering if you are available for a presentation. Please email me. Thank you.

    PS That’s a zero before the 6 in my email!

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