Marty Hancock

I’ve always been drawn to ancient military history, from the dawn of civilization right up to and, including, of course, the Civil War. I have no idea why, but I just never felt the pull for ‘modern warfare’ that I have for everything previous. Of course, you could say that the War Between the States IS the first modern war. Anyway, I am married to a teacher and we have a son in college. Among my other interests, in no particular order, are wine, sports, and fitness training. I’m in the mortgage business, and have a blog on the Active Rain Real Estate Network, called Marty’s Blog. I play baseball in an old farts’ wooden bat league, complete with 90 ft. basepaths and hamstring pulls. I buy more wine than I can afford but try to make up for that by drinking it as quickly as possible. But my real passion is the Civil War; the battlefields, the books, the movies, the horrid brutality and aching beauty of it. I hope to contribute to this blog in some small way while learning as much as possible. And if we can all smile a little bit along the way, then we’ve really achieved something.


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