Gone With The Wind—Or Are They?

A look at the people who buy all those statues people have been tearing down.

The leaders of Newton Falls have declared their town a “sanctuary city” for unwanted statuary.

“History is a big part of this community’s identity – you can still dig up arrowheads in the fields – and we have acres of parks,” said Lynch. “Buying statues would be an expensive proposition. But by taking them from municipalities that would only put them into storerooms, we ­provide a good alternative.”

It is refreshing to see someone who actually values history.

There are also individuals collecting discarded statues for reasons unknown. According to Fox News, when the city of Dallas didn’t know what to do with a tribute to Robert E. Lee, Lone Star Auctioneers put the Confederate general’s bronze likeness on the block – and it sold for $1.43 million. The buyer was identified only as LawDude. The auction house did not return calls for comment.






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