Vandals Damage Monuments to Escaped Slaves, Underground Railroad Mural To be Removed

The madness continues all over the country. A statue of “Aunt Lucy” Nichols has been defaced in New Albany, Indiana.

Born in 1838, Nichols escaped from a Tennessee farm in 1862 with her young daughter, Mona, and traveled several miles to the Union line across the Hatchie River. She joined the 23rd Indiana Infantry Regiment as a nurse and followed them throughout the war, eventually taking part in the victorious Grand Review of the Armies in Washington, D.C.

Beloved by the troops who referred to her as “Aunt Lucy,” Nichols was the only woman to receive an honorary induction into the Grand Army of the Republic, and she was buried in an unmarked grave in New Albany with full military honors in 1915.

In other news, there have been calls to rename Indiana because it has “Indian” in it.

The Vermont Law School has decided to paint over a mural put up in 1993 honoring the Underground Railroad in that state because some people think that “the depictions of the African-Americans on the mural are offensive.” Apparently one of the problems is that it was painted by a white male. The artist, Sam Kerson, called it “thuggery.”

These days even the Virgin Mary isn’t safe. Vandals in Boston set fire to her statue.

UPDATE: A little something to lighten the mood from halfway around the world. There is a Lenin statue in Russia (yes, he’s still up) that has a problem with birds who light on his head and well, do what birds do. So the enterprising utility companies came up with a solution—spiking Comrade Lenin’s (bald) head. Unfortunately this made the Bolshevik leader look too much like an American movie character and the governor eventually vetoed it (I thought it made him look more punk). The article’s writer, who has obviously never heard of Antifa or BLM, says “birds are believed the worst enemies of monuments.”





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    Stupidity knows no bounds these days!

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