Back in the Saddle

After what seems like forever I’m back home and trying to get back to a normal life, including posting on TOCWOC. For now, however, I’ll just leave a couple of links of interest to keep everyone entertained while we’re all under “house arrest.”

An excellent documentary on the 1864 battle of Olustee in Florida.


A two-part BBC series on the battle of Waterloo narrated by actor Sean Bean. Bean played Richard Sharpe in the Sharpe’s Rifles series on BBC a few years ago, which was set in the Napoleonic Wars, and which featured a segment about Waterloo. It’s an excellent program that looks at the men, the weapons, and the tactics of the battle.


Waterloo happened less than fifty years before the outbreak of the American Civil War, and was still fresh on the minds of military men.






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  1. Vernon Cameron Avatar
    Vernon Cameron

    I found a DVD titled”Photographic History of the Civil War”. It has many books of photographs and has a photo album belonging to a family that has never been seen by the public. They allowed for it to be shared on this DVD. It has many pictures I have never seen.

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