Loading the Enfield

Excellent short video on the steps to load and fire the Enfield muzzle loading rifle with the issue British cartridge. Not only that, the video presenter is in full period kit. I was going to use a series of photos I took of a friend doing it the range recently, but this is better.

Please keep in mind, however, that this cartridge is not the same as the American version. For one, the paper is stiffer, almost like cardboard, and as you can see the soldier has to invert the cartridge and insert the ball into the bore with the paper. This is because unlike the American bullet, the British version was smooth-sided and used a paper patch to seal the bore and wipe away fouling. It worked quite well.

These British cartridges would have been used by the sharpshooters, who considered them superior to the American ones. British powder was at the time the best in the world and better, according to some very knowledgeable people, than anything you can get today.






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