Dispatches From The War of Culinary Aggression

Now they’ve banned grits and biscuits made the right way.

“We could originally serve half whole grains but that changed in 2012 when we had to start serving 100 percent whole grains,” said Stephanie Dillard, the child nutrition director for Geneva County Schools in Alabama.

That meant no more grits.

“And grits are a staple in the South,” Ms. Dillard told me. “Students really want to eat their grits.”

Statues are one thing, but grits are worth fighting for!





One response to “Dispatches From The War of Culinary Aggression”

  1. jackie martin Avatar

    when will ALL this nonsense stop?? we, as a society, have carried this political “rightness” into the world of ridiculousness. the demise of some, and more to come, I fear, of our country’s historical monuments and their solid RIGHT to exist where people can see and realize what and how the past constituted the formation of this country of OURS. And now grits. . . . amusing as THAT aspect may seem, it’s indicative of what we have in store for us and the ongoing, uphill battle forever looming and lurking in our midst, regarding the preservation of our glorious past, the good AND the sordid. It’s all so disheartening!!

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