A Look at Some Period Firearms

Very nice article by Bill Adams, one of the foremost CW-era firearms authorities, on the Kerr (pronounced “Carr”) rifle, second only to the fabled Whitworth as a sharpshooter’s rifle. Also info on modern attempts to make a shootable reproductions. (PDF file)

And a compendium of videos from CapAndBall, a Hungarian web site (it’s in English and easily understandable). The producer, Balázs Németh, has three videos linked here.

The Savage percussion revolver, used in small numbers by the Navy.

The Colt Navy revolver, use in huge numbers by just about everyone. Also a comparison with a modern replica by Uberti.

And finally a look at the Whitworth rifle, the premier precision firearm of its day, including some range time with a modern Paker-Hale replica.

Worth watching – these are not your usual Youtube fare. They are well produced and include a lot of history about the guns in question.





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