Two Important New Antietam Books

If you’re looking for some good Antietam reading as the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam nears, you’re in luck.  Not one but two promising new books on Antietam have recently become available.

First, we have Tom Clemens’ long-awaited The Maryland Campaign of September 1862, Vol. II: Antietam, which is a fully and exhaustively annotated reprinting of the second half of Antietam buff and veteran Ezra Carman’s famous manuscript on the battle.  Check out Savas Beatie’s Youtube trailer below for details.



Second, (hat tip to Drew Wagenhoffer), is Larry Freiheit’s Boots and Saddles: Cavalry During the Maryland Campaign of September 1862.  Published by the always excellent Camp Pope Publishing, Freheit’s large book could be the definitive word on the mounted arm during the Antietam Campaign.  The book has a web site, where I learned that fellow blogger Craig Swain is responsible for the driving tour.

Boots and Saddles

Go give these books a look.  You won’t be disappointed!


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