How To Make the HPS Civil War Campaign Series Run on Windows Vista and Windows 7

TOCWOC reader Mark Keough sent the following email to me the other day:


Trying to find out if the American Civil War Campaign series (e.g., Franklin, Corinth, etc.) run on Windows Vista and 7?  Would love to buy all games but must know if I can run them.

I didn’t know and suggested Mark contact the fine folks at the American Civil War Game Club.  Mark instead went to the source, contacting support at HPS Simulations.  The only trick you need to know is that you must make sure to install the games under the C:/ drive only, away from C:/Program Files/.  That’s it.  All American Civil War Campaign Series games should run just fine when you follow that one simple trick.  Thanks for the information Mark!


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  1. Heather Mills Avatar
    Heather Mills

    Hi Brett!
    I have been enjoying your Kindle version of your blog until my Kindle crashed; they kindly shipped me a new one, but oh my gosh, if I have to go through all that categorization ever again, I’m screwed! At least 500 of the e-books are about the Civil War, of which I’ve been an educated follower of for many years, however, even the Civil War e-books were categorized by date, battles, bios & autobios.; as a pilot, I love maps, and tend to think of things from “above” ~ I bet you know what I mean!, so I have written on many Atlas’ to their destruction, documenting movements, troop numbers, EVERYTHING ~ and when on Atlas is destroyed, I can’t just throw it out…some of my notes are on it too! Your blogs are the best and I have learned a lot of the intricate details of the many battles, and bought every book you’ve recommended. I just cannot find any other women who are interested in the subject as I am…and I cannot get enough of it! I could yack all day about troop movements, critical mistakes, amazing results, and all the who, what, where, when, why’s, and how’s. It takes an enormous amount of time and energy to keep your blog going, and you’re the best Sir! Keep up the fantastic work!…and THANK YOU!!! You get ALL the details I am looking for in order to stay on top of the learning experience! What a great teacher you are!

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