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The recent Civil War Bloggers Top 10 Gettysburg Books list turned out well, so well that I immediately contacted the members of the Shiloh Discussion Group to see if they would join me in creating another combined list, this time of the Top 7 Shiloh books, which will appear this August at TOCWOC on a permanent page designed for this eventSDG members have been posting their lists of the Top 7 Shiloh books over the last month with a deadline of August 1.   The following is SDG group member mona’s list of the Top 7 Shiloh Books.

My book list –

1–Shiloh National Miltary Park(NPS)-Dillahunty–this was my very first book and yes is raggedly and red.

2-Shiloh–Shelby Foote–my second book-both this one and #1 and the movie I people when they plan a visit so they wont be so overhelmed and have a very basic understanding then we grow from there.

3-Cunningham and Smith–Shiloh and the Western Campaign

4-Manning and Force–From Fort Henry to Corinth

5-The Official records-War of the RebellionVol10/#10-11

6-All the diaries and personal letters and regimental Hx –as these guys were there.

7-But the best textbook is the grounds itself you can read it on paper but it all comes together when you walk the grounds.


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