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The recent Civil War Bloggers Top 10 Gettysburg Books list turned out well, so well that I immediately contacted the members of the Shiloh Discussion Group to see if they would join me in creating another combined list, this time of the Top 7 Shiloh books, which will appear this August at TOCWOC on a permanent page designed for this eventSDG members have been posting their lists of the Top 7 Shiloh books over the last month with a deadline of August 1.   The following is SDG group member idaho native’s list of the Top 7 Shiloh Books.

Idaho native describes her background in the study of Shiloh as follows:

“I studied the war while earning a BA & an MA in History in the 1970’s. I then worked in mining engineering until recently. Six years ago I again picked up the study of the war. I was attracted to Shiloh because of the personalities involved, the magnitude of the battle and the tremendous loss of life. I had a compulsion to visit the Hallowed Ground at Shiloh and have subsequently made it my mission to study the war in both the eastern and western theatre and to visit and photograph Shiloh and other battlefields.”

My List includes works already listed by others including: O.E. Cunningham’s book; L. J. Daniels book, W Sword’s book and J. L. McDonough’s book as well as three others as follows:

Shiloh and Corinth: Sentinels of Stone by Timothy T. Isbell – the book has beautiful photographs of Shiloh and Corinth with some text.

Eyewitnesses at the Battle of Shiloh compiled and edited by David Logsdon – the book contains extracts from eyewitness accounts of the battle.

another favorite and a special treasure is

“Shiloh House of Peace: The Church That Named the Battle”, by Dr. Ronnie Fullwood – there is some info about the prelude to the battle in this book as well as some great pictures & interesting local history.

idaho native recommends the Internet Archive web site for research into the Civil War era.  She writes: “People should be able to put something like ‘William T Sherman’ or ‘Ohio Infantry Regiment’ in the search box and come up with old books that have been scanned and placed here. Quite a source of old historic publications. Reed’s book of Shiloh is here amongst others.”


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