Top 7 Shiloh Books at the Shiloh Discussion Group

After the great success of the combined Civil War bloggers’ Top 10 Gettysburg Books, I immediately started thinking of other “Top X Books on a Battle” ideas.  One battle that immediately came to mind was Shiloh, with the experts to ask being the Shiloh Discussion Group.  The members of the SDG discuss Shiloh in great detail, so I contacted SDG administrator and founder Perry Cuskey early this month to see if he was interested in collaborating.  We came up with a plan to have members of the Shiloh Discussion Group post their Top 7 Shiloh Books on a specified thread by August 1. In early August, member picks will be posted here at TOCWOC on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a combined list following at the end of the event sometime in mid-August.  A permanent page to house the combined results will be created soon.  Stay tuned over the next week or so as this event begin to take shape.  And if you enjoy the battle of Shiloh, be sure to sign up at the Shiloh Discussion Group and cast your votes for the Top 7 Shiloh books by August 1!

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  1. Jim Beeghley Avatar

    I met the author (who is also a teacher) of Dawns Gray Steel yesterday at the Civil War Preservation Trust Teacher’s Institute. This is also a book about Shilo

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