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Longtime readers of TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog know that I frequently look for and promote new Civil War blogs with their own blog entries.  What some newer readers may not know is that I keep a full list of these Civil War blogs at

Click the link to see all of the blogs on the Civil War I currently know of in alphabetical order, or look at the same list which is provided below.  If you know of any Civil War blogs I’ve missed feel free to comment on that page and I will take a look.  Keep checking back to that page as I continue to update it with new blogs.

Note: This post is one of a series on TOCWOC Reader Tools,  tools which allow you the reader to better navigate through what is a rapidly growing blog to find/do exactly what you came here for.

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2 responses to “Civil War Blogs List: TOCWOC Reader Tools”

  1. Meg Thompson Avatar

    Perhaps you would be interested in checking out my blog, First Fallen. I also write for Emerging Civil War. Thanks.

    1. Brett Schulte Avatar

      Thanks for pointing me in the direction of First Fallen Meg! I’ve added your blog to my m aster list of Civil War blogs.

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