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Note: This post is one of a series on TOCWOC Reader Tools,  tools which allow you the reader to better navigate through what is a rapidly growing blog to find/do exactly what you came here for.

GD Star Rating WordPress Plugin

I recently ran across the GD Star Rating WordPress Plugin over at Mike Noirot’s This Mighty Scourge blog.  It allows you the reader to rate posts, pages, and comments here at TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog.  The number of stars which make up the total is adjustable, and I chose 5 stars as a happy medium between too much and not enough.

Like Mike, I hope to use this system to determine which posts readers like the most so that I can give you even more of what you want.  With that in mind, if you like a post, by all means rate it highly.  Likewise, if you dislike a post because you do not like the subject matter or you think it is poorly written, feel free to give it lower marks.

Perhaps the most interesting use of this rating system for me will be its application to individual comments.  When someone provides real value to a post with a comment, please give them high marks in appreciation.  If you disagree with someone, you can give their response a lower rating in addition to responding with a comment of your own.

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