Totem Games Releases Demo for Ironclads: American Civil War

Totem Games out of Russia has been working on a new game on Civil War ironclads for quite a long time now appropriately entitled Ironclads: American Civil War.  I’m pleased to announce they’ve released a demo for the game at their site.

In addition to the demo, the creators have quite a few screen shots for the game as well. Check out their site for most of those, but here’s a teaser:

A little more detail on the game as presented at Totem Games’ site is included below:

Our studio is currently working on a new PC game in English. This game will include elements of various genres – historical wargame, naval simulation and turn-based tactical strategy.

The game’s flow of time is organized into rounds. Within the limits of each round, the player and the computer opponent take turns executing all actions possible within five minutes of real time combat for each of their ships. At the moment when the the selected active ship is carrying out an action, all other game units are motionless. Time for decision-making is not limited.

Game locations are presented in real 1:1 scale and are not divided into cells or hexagons. The trajectory of movement of the active ship is determined by laws of physics and calculated using realistic speed, size and shape of a unit.

Hat tip to Eddy Sterckx in the usenet group for the information above.  Unfortunately, it looks like the reviews of the game are mostly negative there from the users who have downloaded.  I’ll give it a try and post my findings in another blog entry.


5 responses to “Totem Games Releases Demo for Ironclads: American Civil War”

  1. Craig Avatar

    I don’t game much anymore, but in my day the only computer simulation on this theme was the “vaporware” Age of Ironclads (or was it Age of Iron?) promised from Talonsoft.

  2. Paperquest Avatar

    I love Civil War Ironclads, especially the Confederate ones. It was incredible what the South could do considering their lack of manufacturing capability. To learn more about the diversity of CSA Ironclads of the American Civil War and a few of the Union ones, too, go to CSA Civil War Ironclads

  3. Matthew Young Avatar
    Matthew Young

    I downloaded this game and played it from both sides. I rammed the Monitor with the Virginia and gave it a few good broadsides causing some damage. However, the buttons seemed a little slow to react to my command and when I could click the finish button, it would tell me to finish my ship movements. I would try to finish ship movements, but it would appear as if I kept getting more and more move allowance, but yet I couldn’t use it and the program would tell me to again finish moving my ships. I think this problem could be solved with a “movement bar” which shows the player how much ship movement he has left. In addition, I found it difficult to move the screen around so that I could zoom in and zoom out and change my view of the action. Overall…its a demo, and it shows. There needs to be some more improvement in the player interaction screen and it needs to be a little more user friendly. I love the idea though and with some changes, it could be a great game.

  4. Sea Dragon Avatar
    Sea Dragon

    Very nice game. The beautiful and correct ships. All as in military historical books. Here only very short and little bit boring demo. I shall wait this game.

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