Odds & Ends: July 25, 2008

It’s been a little while since our last Odds & Ends, so I figured it was high time we took another look around the Civil War blogosphere and also skim through other Civil War related items of interest.  We’ll tackle the Civil War blogs today and have a bonus Odds & Ends on Saturday dealing with other Civil War goodness.

  • Harry Smeltzer asks some interesting questions at Bull Runnings:

    What then do we make of the likes of Steuart (of Maryland, above left) and Simon Buckner or John Breckenridge (of Kentucky, above center and right)? Were these men traitors to both their country and their states? They were born, raised and resided in states that did not secede, and chose simply between a purely foreign country and the one of their birth or residence (as opposed to folks like John Gibbon and Winfield Scott). Are they to be viewed any differently than, say, John C. Pemberton (who was at least married to a Virginian so may have had a significant nag factor to contend with, not to mention some wealth in a seceded state)? What do you say?

As I said in the lead-in, we’ll take a look at other Civil War news over the weekend, probably on Saturday morning.


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