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The phrase “son of a gun” originated during the Civil War when a woman was struck by a bullet that had passed through the scrotum of a soldier. The sperm on the bullet penetrated her ovaries and impregnated her.

True or false? Take the military myth quiz and see how you do (I got nine out of ten).

The Second United States Cavalry (now in Strykers) celebrates its 172nd birthday, and its distinction of being the longest serving cavalry unit on active duty.

Who killed General Robert Ross? Ross, a British general, was killed on the skirmish line on September 12, 1814 while leading an advance on Baltimore. The traditional narrative assigns the deed to two teenage American riflemen, Daniel Wells and Henry G. McComas, who were serving with Captain Edward Aisquith’s militia rifle company. Both men died that day and have been memorialized with a monument in the city.

Like many other general officer deaths (e.g. John Reynolds), this story has been disputed. Writer/historian Christopher George gives his taken on the matter, and there’s a thread on the subject on the History Channel site.


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  1. elektratig Avatar

    I took the test and also got 9 out 10, which is something of a surprise, since about 7 of my 10 answers were guesses! Thanks for the tip.

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