Multiman Publishing is Shipping South Mountain to Preorders

Multiman Publishing began shipping their new RSS series game South Mountain to those who pre-ordered on Saturday. I’m eagerly looking forward to my copy. As always happens with MMP during the pre-order shipment process, you will not be able to find the game online for a brief period of time. However, when the game is available again, it will be listed on the Regimental Sub-Series main page. For those of you wondering about the scope of the game, the base units are regiments and each hex is 100 yards across. I’ve included a sample of the map below. Left click on the image for the full view.

The full MMP press release is as follows:

2008-04-26 – RSS South Mountain Now Shipping!

South Mountain, a one-map, highly detailed game on the battle for South Mountain using the Gamers Regimental Sub-Series rules, is now shipping to preorders!

As usual there is a brief period of time where South Mountain is unavailable in any form on the MMP website. Once preorders and retail orders are shipped, it will be put on our front page and RSS pages and available for general sale.



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