Odds & Ends: April 26, 2008

If you’re a regular reader, you’re well aware of my Odds & Ends column.  For anyone new stumbling on this post after a search, let me briefly explain.  Odds & Ends is a semi-regular series which attempts to pull together some of the recent interesting happenings and news about the Civil War.  You might see anything from book reviews to wargaming entries to modern day preservation to almost anything you can think of related to the Civil War.  With that little bit of housekeeping out of the way, on to today’s Odds & Ends:

  • No one apparently gives a damn about the new musical “Gone With the Wind” (lame, I know, but everyone else is using it!)
  • elitaste.com says Disney’s Song of the South is apparently the fifth most controversial film of all time
  • The Hanover (PA) Evening Sun asks readers what to do with the embattled Electric Map


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