Savas Beatie Planning a Civil War Atlas Series

Is publisher Savas Beatie planning a Civil War Atlas series based on The Maps of Gettysburg? It certainly looks that way to me after I stumbled on a post on Ted Savas’ blog A Publisher’s Perspective. This is very good news in my opinion. Ted goes on to mention The Maps of Chickamauga as a title already being worked on, and in another post, it looks like the underwhelming coverage of the Petersburg Campaign has led other Civil War buffs to ask for a Petersburg entry in this series. I can only hope this eventually comes to fruition. No publisher of Civil War books does maps, both in terms of quantity and quality, better than the various incarnations of Savas Publishing over the years, and it isn’t even close. Needless to say, I’ll be keeping a close eye on Savas Beatie’s website for future titles in this series.

UPDATE: It looks like Drew Wagenhoffer’s review of The Maps of Gettysburg (along with Ted Savas’ comment) also sheds a bit of light on this series. Dave Powell is working on the Chickamauga volume mentioned above.

SECOND UPDATE: Both Brian and Dimitri also noted Ted’s posts on the subject.


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