FoF: Bound for Glory: TimoN(CSA) vs. nmleague(Union)

by Brett Schulte on December 17, 2006 · 0 comments

Note: Due to space constraints, I plan to include the first posts of various AARs from the Matric Games forums and then provide a link to the rest of the story.

TimoN writes:
This is an AAR of standard November 1861 campaign between me and nmleague. I will be playing the CSA side, which undoubtedly will be victorious.

We used advanced settings with few modifications.
Difficulty level: Captain (this really hurts economy)
CSA emancipation: off (not 100% sure)
Hidden stats: off
Random stats: off
More generals: on
Faster sieges: on

Faster sieges are new to me so I made plans according to that. You’ll see the difference soon.

Read more of the Bound for Glory AAR at the Matrix forums…

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