More Info on Gary Grigsby’s New Civil War Game

There is another page long update on the progress of Gary Grigsby’s new Civil War game based on the World At War game engine on page 4 of the latest developer’s journal entry for 2by3 Games.  Here’s an excerpt of their progress:

Civil War Progress and Delays (CW)

Progress on Civil War moved along nicely during the winter. We got the game to where we were able to alpha test it and Gary was able to put some considerable time into the AI. Most of the interface and map art was completed as well. In March, another project completely pulled us away from CW and we had to put the game on hold. Just recently, Gary was able to restart work on the game, and we expect that it will get at least part of his time until August, when it should go back on the front burner for all of us. If things go well we’ll be into beta testing early this fall, and we’re hoping for release sometime during the first half of 2007.

For those that don’t already know, CW is a monthly turn game that starts in July 1861 and goes to 1865 (with scenarios that start later than 1861 as well). It covers all actions from the Atlantic Ocean west to Missouri and Texas, and from the Gulf of Mexico north to the Canadian Border. Units represent 2000 man brigades or 20 gun battalions, and over 1000 leaders are individually rated and used to command the units. Ships of the two navies including Confederate Raiders are also represented. We’ll try to keep you informed in the future on how the game is coming along. If you’re interested in beta testing the game, keep an eye on the Matrix Games forums for an announcement sometime this fall.


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