Undying Courage: Antietam Campaign In Miniature by Scott Mingus

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American Civil War miniatures gamers will absolutely want to check out this latest offering from award-winning scenario designer and Charge! editor Scott Mingus. Undying Courage: Antietam Campaign In Miniature is a 96-page scenario book for the battles of South Mountain and Antietam and Lee’s retreat from Maryland, with a focus on the Johnny Reb III rule set by John Hill.

Orders of Battle

Each of the 14 scenarios features a large, easy-to-read, full color map and an extremely detailed regimental level order of battle. Unit names, unit nicknames, unit strength (both in real number of men and Johnny Reb III figures), unit quality (in Johnny Reb game terms), unit armament, leader names, and leader quality are all given for each individual regiment, battery, and company. In the example to the left, Col. Walter Phelps Jr. is the slightly above average (see the +1) commander of the First Brigade, First Division, I Corps, Army of the Potomac (1/1/I). In this scenario, the 22nd New York National Guard and the 24th New York are combined so that enough Johnny Reb figures (in this case 4) will be present for a suitable looking miniature regiment. These men are Veterans on the Johnny Reb scale (Militia, Green, Veteran, Elite), and they are carrying rifles (as opposed to smoothbore muskets, carbines, or repeaters). This level of detail is repeated throughout the book in each scenario.


The maps are rendered impressively in full color, showing starting unit positions, elevation changes, roads, houses, fields, and other key battlefield terrain. In the example below, the Confederate position along the West Woods at the start of Sedgwick’s Union attack are depicted. The Confederates were so under strength at this point in the Maryland Campaign that a lot of brigades are simply depicted as regiments. In this example, each unit with a flag is one of these under strength brigades. Batteries are depicted with one gun each. Note that these graphics are general in nature. The precise numbers and types of guns are fully detailed in the OOB section of the scenario.

Scenario Details

In the “Scenario Details” section, Mingus gives scenario start and end times, terrain and its effects on defensive cover and movement, optional rules, reinforcement arrival times and locations, and any other information needed to play the scenario.

This scenario book is an extremely useful tool for the wargamer who wants to play some Antietam scenarios. And let me make the point that this applies to ALL computer and miniature wargamers. These scenarios could help an enterprising scenario designer for games such as Age of Rifles or the Battleground games design Antietam scenarios of their own with great accuracy.

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