Harper’s Ferry Arsenal Update

by Brett Schulte on January 9, 2006 · 0 comments

The Harper’s Ferry Arsenal has been updated twice over the last few days. The new Take Command: Second Manassas limited beta offers Open Play, where you can choose a commander and a map and fight a hypothetical battle. Modmakers have already gotten busy before the official release of the game by creating new Orders of Battle for Open Play. ADukes’ OOB pack contains orders of battle for:

1st Manassas
1st Manassas – Reorganized Confederates

Also, james l henry has created a modified Second Manassas OOB that combines some smaller Union Corps so that they can face the larger Confederate Corps on more even terms. These OOBs should also work with the retail version of the game when it hits the shelves in late April, 2005.

Check out Beyond the Crater: The Petersburg Campaign Online for the latest on the Siege of Petersburg!

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