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by Brett Schulte on December 15, 2005 · 0 comments

Add another Civil War blog to our suddenly booming community. Amateur historian (like myself) Andy MacIsaac has created First Maine Forward, a blog concentrating on Maine in the Civil War, with a special emphasis on the First Maine Heavy Artillery. Here’s Andy’s reasoning for starting a blog, straight from his first post:

A little about me. I am not a professional historian, but I am an avid ACW reader and inspiring writer with a BA and Master’s in History. I did a few book reviews for Civil War Regiments and I did have an article published in Maine History on Eugene Sanger, the chief Medical Officer at Elmira.

My interests in the ACW is varied but I hold a real deep interest in the First Maine Heavy Artillery. Hence the title of my blog. I also enjoy other elements of the State of Maine’s role in the war.

Why do a blog. Well history is a hobby for me and right now I haven’t found a way to have it pay the bills. As a result I am member of Corporate America, but I figured the longer I stayed away from formulating my thoughts, and expressing my interpretations around the ACW I think I would loose something.

I’ve linked to First Maine Forward over on the left hand side of the page. Everyone be sure to go check Andy’s blog out. By my count, we’re up to nine blogs focusing exclusively on the Civil War. I’m sure more will be popping up monthly.

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