Civil War Memory: A New Blog

by Brett Schulte on November 12, 2005 · 0 comments

Kevin Levin, a High School history teacher in Charlottesville, Virginia, has created a new Civil War blog. I always find it best to let a person speak on their own behalf. With that in mind, here’s Kevin’s introduction to his blog:

Thanks for stopping by. I have been quite impressed with the Civil War blogs hosted by Dimitri Rotov and Eric Wittenberg. I hope this site will compliment and/or add to the growing e-dialogue on the Civil War. While I am not a professional historian (in other words, I do not hold a Ph.D), I have published Civil War related articles in both academic and popular publications. I am interested primarily in Civil War memory or the evolution of our perceptions surrounding fundamental themes of the war, including slavery and emancipation. Such issues continue to challenge our assumptions of what the war was about; this can be seen in the debates over the National Park Service’s decision to revise its battlefield interpretations and the public display of the Confederate battle flag.

I am also a high school history teacher who teaches a class on the Civil War. My site will also be used to raise issues related to the teaching of the Civil War in the classroom.

I look forward to seeing what Mr. Levin will bring to the Civil War blogging table.

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