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by Brett Schulte on March 21, 2008 · 1 comment

Multiman Publishing produces board games for many military conflicts, including the Civil War. They offer the Civil War Brigade Series (CWBS), a regimental level offshoot entitled the Regimental Sub-Series (RSS), the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series (GCACW), and other Civil War games, including a company-level game from legendary designer Richard Berg available for pre-order.

The Gamers Civil War Brigade Series

1-01 In Their Quiet Fields II $30


1-09 April’s Harvest $28


1-10 Champion Hill $28


Gaines Mill 1-11 Gaines Mill $49


Malvern Hill 1-13 Malvern Hill $49


Three Battles of Manassas1-14 Three Battles of Manassas $59


Strike Them A Blow 1-15 Strike Them A Blow$49


The following Civil War Brigade Series titles are Out of Print. At this time MMP has no plans for a reprint of these titles.

  • 1-02 Thunder and the Crossroads
  • 1-03 August Fury
  • 1-04 Barren Victory
  • 1-05 Bloody Roads South
  • 1-06 Perryville
  • 1-07 Embrace an Angry Wind
  • 1-08 No Better Place To Die
  • 1-12 Seven Pines
  • ****************

    The Gamers Regimental Sub-Series

    This Hallowed Ground

    This Hallowed Ground

    Out of Stock


    This Terrible Sound

    This Terrible Sound $132


    A Fearful Slaughter

    A Fearful Slaughter $95


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    John Poniske August 21, 2010 at 7:51 am

    I understand MMP has LINCOLN’S WAR is now on preorder. LW is a Civil War CDG that keys on many political aspects often ignored in other games. The game has been in development for over 10 years and Adam Starkweather has recently stepped forward to put on the finishing touches. Fast and simple, LW plays inside of three hours and introduces many unique aspects, including many period civilian personalities, a new approach to combat, seditious characters, political support for favored generals, the political costs of promotions, commerce raiding, the cost of a blockading scheme, assassination, banking political will and plenty more. If I sound like a commercial, I’m the designer. Just thought that word of this upcoming MMP Civil War design should be mentioned here on MMP’s Civil War site.


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