Joe Hooker’s Civil War Fantasy Roster Order of Battle (OOB)

by Brett Schulte on May 26, 2008 · 0 comments

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Mod Name: Civil War Fantasy Roster OOB

Last Updated: Added May 26, 2008

Author: Joe Hooker

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Readme File:

I have been working on a “Fantasy Rooster” OOB and near completion. I have used the Gettysburg OOB and made my OOB. The following officers made it on the rooster:


U.S. Grant (commanding the AOP)
John F. Reynolds (I Corps)
Joe Hooker (II Corps)
George Thomas (III Corps)
William T. Sherman (V Corps)
Emory Upton (VI Corps)
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (XI Corps)
Winfield Scott Hancock (XII Corps)
Phil Sheridan (Cavalry)


Robert E. Lee (commanding the AONV)
James Longstreet (I Corps)
Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson (II Corps)
Joe Johnston (III Corps)
Bedford Forrest (Cavalry Corps)

I will report back when I get it done.


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