Bryce Suderow Comments on Grant and Meade’s Leadership Early in the Petersburg Campaign

by Brett Schulte on January 12, 2011 · 1 comment

Many dedicated students of the Civil War, and especially the Petersburg Campaign, are probably familiar with Bryce Suderow.  Bryce did quite a bit of research for Gordon Rhea’s famous series of books on the 1864 Virginia Overland Campaign, and he is the author of Thunder in Arcadia Valley: Price’s Defeat, September 27, 1864 about Sterling Price’s 1864 Missouri Raid.  Bryce has quite often helped point me in the right direction as I’ve started to establish my Siege of Petersburg web site Beyond the Crater: The Petersburg Campaign Online.

I’m pleased to announce Bryce has gone even further, allowing me to publish his analysis of Grant and Meade’s leadership (or lack thereof) in the first four offensives against Richmond and Petersburg during the Siege of Petersburg.  I encourage you to go check out what will probably be for some of you a bit of a controversial take on Union leadership during the Second Battle of Petersburg, the Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road, and on to the Battles of Globe Tavern and Reams’s Station.

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