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by Fred Ray on March 24, 2008 · 0 comments

Brett has kindly invited me contribute to the TOCWOC blog. As fans of his old blog know I posted quite a bit there, mostly on the subject of CW-era rifles and sharpshooting. Some of my posts, like Brett’s, will be updated versions of old posts on that blog, but of course I have a lot of new information as well. In fact, thanks to Google and MS Search, there is a wealth of information available, but more about that later.

I also note in passing that WordPress software continues to improve and is worlds better than when I first tried it.

For tonite, though, just a short bed time story.

Suppose way back when, in 1861, great-Grandpa fronted the city some guns and ammo to protect its citizens from the Yankee hordes. Say that the city gave him a note for $299.58, which has never been redeemed. What do you think the note would be worth now, with interest? Would you believe $22.7 million dollars (and not in Confederate money)?

That’s exactly the case with the city of Tampa. Will Joan Kennedy Biddle get the city to pay up? Could be a fun case.


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