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  • If At First You Don’t Secede II

    The law professors have taken up the issue! First out the gate was Ann Althouse, a Constitutional Law prof out of Madison, Wisconsin. Her take is that “all these people [who believe in the right of secession] have the law wrong and don’t seem to know the basics of the history of the Civil War,” […]

  • Consitutional Comparison

    Interesting site giving a word for word comparison of the US and Confederate constitutions. We can get a good glimpse into the founding principles of the Confederacy by taking an in-depth look at the Confederate constitution, which was approved, and came into use by the rebel states on March 11, 1861. The document is largely […]

  • Civil War Talk Radio: January 13, 2006

    Air Date: 011306 Subject: Michael Vorenberg: How Slavery Ended Book: Final Freedom: The Civil War, the Abolition of Slavery, and the Thirteenth Amendment (Cambridge Historical Studies in American Law and Society) Guest: Michael Vorenberg Summary: Dr. Michael Vorenberg, author of Final Freedom: The Civil War, The Abolition of Slavery and the Thirteenth Amendment, analyzes the […]