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  • Civil War Talk Radio: June 12, 2009

    Air Date: 061209 Subject: Charles B. Dew, Civil War Author Books: Apostles of Disunion: Southern Secession Commissioners and the Causes of the Civil War & Bond of Iron: Master and Slave at Buffalo Forge & Ironmaker to the Confederacy : Joseph Reid Anderson and the Tredegar Iron Works Guest: Professor Charles B. Dew, Williams College […]

  • Civil War Times Illustrated, January 2007

    Why Are These Summaries Showing Up Late? Civil War Times Illustrated Volume 45, Number 10 (January 2007) Civil War Times Illustrated Web Site Mail Call…..4 Turning Points: Arming the Confederacy…..9 Josiah Gorgas by Jeffry D. Wert This month Turning Points looks at Brigadier General Josiah Gorgas, chief of the Confederate Ornance Bureau. Gallery: South Carolina […]

  • Civil War Odds & Ends: July 26, 2008

    Yesterday’s Odds & Ends took a look at the latest in the Civil War blogosphere.  As promised, here is a bonus Odds & Ends covering the rest of the latest Civil War news across the rest of the World Wide Web.  I am also going to start calling this column “Civil War Odds & Ends” […]