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  • C.S.S. Jack Daniels

    Not really, but this Prohibition-era whiskey-running submarine, preserved at the Grand Gulf battlefield, is still pretty cool. Other than the lack of a spar torpedo and of course considering that it was powered by an automobile engine (from a Model T) it is strikingly similar in appearance to the H. L. Hunley. This isn’t really […]

  • Civil War Talk Radio: March 24, 2006

    Air Date: 032406 Subject: James P. Delgado: The Civil War Underwater Guest: James P. Delgado Summary: Beyond the CSS Hunley, the Civil War saw the invention of other submersible warships, and Dr. James P. Delgado has found one of them intact. Civil War Talk Radio airs most Fridays at 12 PM Pacific on World Talk […]