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  • Why Bobby Lee Had More Men (and Lost More Men) Than Anyone Knew in 1864

    The Overland Campaign: War of Attrition? The standard story of the Overland Campaign is this: Grant had at least a 2:1 advantage over Lee in the Overland Campaign (and Early maintains a 3:1 advantage!) Grant could gain ample new recruits, Lee had no manpower reserves to draw on Grant doggedly used these advantages to grind […]

  • Confederate Controversy at Fort Gregg

    I’ve been reading through and transcribing articles from the pages of the Southern Historical Society Papers for The Siege of Petersburg Online recently, and one heated controversy early in the life of the Papers caught my attention: Which Confederate units defended Fort Gregg, the “Confederate Alamo”, in a last ditch defense on April 2, 1865 […]

  • Tufts University Has Digitized the Southern Historical Society Papers

    In an article which mentioned airplanes over the trenches at Petersburg, I also found some exciting news about the Southern Historical Society Papers.  I did not realize they had been placed online at Tufts University’s Perseus Digital Library.  Here’s a link to Volume 1.  If all else fails, just do a search for “southern historical […]

  • A Plea for Help: The Official Records and Southern Historical Society Papers at Google Books

    Editor’s Note: This post is crossposted at Beyond the Crater: The Petersburg Campaign Online. I need to some help from TOCWOC and Beyond the Crater readers, all knowledgeable students of the Civil War.  I post articles from quite a few sources at Beyond the Crater, including Battles and Leaders, the MOLLUS War Papers, Papers of […]