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  • Blackford at Seven Pines

    Johnston continued to retreat until he was literally under the spires of Richmond. On May 31 he finally made his move at Seven Pines. The flooded Chickahominy River had split the Union army, leaving two corps isolated south of the river, which Johnston planned to strike with nearly his entire force. While the plan was […]

  • Short Takes

    A large group of scholars and enthusiasts are gathering Tuesday at UNC Wilmington for a symposium on the remnants of the blockade runner Modern Greece. Sorry, it’s sold out. From the archives of the Manchester Guardian comes an editorial from 1861 about the impending “war to the knife” in the US. Like most of the […]

  • Multiman Publishing Is Having a Sale!

    Multiman Publishing, pitcher Curt Schilling’s wargaming company best known for its Advanced Squad Leader products, is having a major sale on the eve of several new games being released. Four of the popular Civil War Brigade Series first produced by The Gamers are part of this sale, and if you don’t have them, now’s the […]