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  • Civil War Times Illustrated, September 2006

    Civil War Times Volume 45, Number 7 (September 2006) Civil War Times Web Site Page 7 Turning Points: Dr. Letterman’s War by Jeffry D. Wert Army surgeon Jonathan K. Letterman instituted a system to expedite removal of wounded from the field of battle to hospitals and medical stations.  Appointed medical director of the Army of […]

  • Civil War History, September 2006

    Civil War History Volume 52, Number 3 (September 2006) Civil War History Web Site Note: I am not particularly interested in many of the articles which routinely appear in Civil War History, so the titles and authors are listed without summary. Page 229 The Problem of Race in the Age of Freedom: Emancipation and the […]

  • America’s Civil War, September 2006

    America’s Civil War Volume 19, Number 4 (September 2006) America’s Civil War Web Site Page 11 Eyewitness to War by Kevin M. Levin Captain John C. Winsmith, a South Carolinian serving with the 1st South Carolina Infantry, describes in a letter home the severe fighting in the Wilderness and at Spotsylvania Court House. Winsmith took […]