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  • Author Interview: Richard J. Sommers, Author of Richmond Redeemed

    Publisher Savas Beatie (www.savasbeatie.com) originally published this author interview with Richmond Redeemed author Richard J. Sommers.  Savas Beatie recently published an updated Second Edition of this classic look at the Siege of Petersburg’s Fifth Offensive.  For more information on this and many other fine Civil War books, contact Savas Beatie at sales@savasbeatie.com. An Interview with Richmond […]

  • Leadership Lessons from the Siege of Petersburg: Richard J. Sommers

    Dr. Richard J. Sommers, author of Richmond Redeemed, recently reprinted in a Second Edition by Savas Beatie, recently gave a talk about leadership at the Siege of Petersburg which aired on CSPAN.  Luckily for us, as Dr. Sommers writes in an email, it’s now available online: C-SPAN filmed a presentation on “Richmond Redeemed: Enduring Lessons […]

  • Richmond Redeemed (2nd Edition): SmartLayers Edition

    Richard Sommers’ massive Richmond Redeemed, about the Fifth Offensive at the Siege of Petersburg, is getting a 2nd Edition courtesy of publisher Savas Beatie.  In addition to the print copy, a “SmartLayers” e-book edition is also getting produced.  Check out the YouTube video demonstration below as well as the Savas Beate press release: Savas Beatie […]

  • Richard Sommers’ MASSIVE Thesis on the Fifth Offensive at Petersburg is FREE Online

    I was pleasantly surprised tonight to find Richard Sommer’s massive 1500 page Ph. D. thesis freely available online tonight from Rice University.  Written in 1970 and entitled “GRANT’S FIFTH OFFENSIVE AT PETERSBURG: A STUDY IN STRATEGY, TACTICS, AND GENERALSHIP. THE BATTLE OF CHAFFIN’S BLUFF, THE BATTLE OF POPLAR SPRING CHURCH, THE FIRST BATTLE OF THE […]