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  • Civil War History, September 2008

    Civil War History Published Quarterly by the Kent State University Press Volume 54, Number 3 (September 2008) Civil War History Web Site Everyman’s War: A Rich and Poor Man’s Fight in Lee’s Army…..229 by Joseph T. Glatthaar Joseph Glatthaar, author of General Lee’s Army: From Victory to Collapse (2008), takes a statistically valid sample of […]

  • Civil War History, September 2006

    Civil War History Volume 52, Number 3 (September 2006) Civil War History Web Site Note: I am not particularly interested in many of the articles which routinely appear in Civil War History, so the titles and authors are listed without summary. Page 229 The Problem of Race in the Age of Freedom: Emancipation and the […]

  • America’s Civil War, July 2006

    America’s Civil War Volume 19, Number 3 (July 2006) America’s Civil War Web Site Page 6 Editorial Page 8 Dispatches Page 12 Men and Materiel by Doug Adams The LeMat revolver is discussed in this edition of Men and Materiel.  This typically .44 caliber pistol had nine cylinders and also packed the added punch of […]

  • North & South Volume 9, Number 3

    North & South Volume 9, Number 3 (June 2006) North & South Web Site Page 4 Editorial Page 8 Albert A. Nofi’s Knapsack Al Nofi’s Knapsack is a regular column in North & South that features vignettes and other reminiscences of the late War Between the States. In this issue, Al discusses topics ranging from […]