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  • On to Richmond: Rediscovering a GCACW Masterpiece

    I’ve been a board wargamer since 1967. In years past SPI took my $300 or so for a “lifetime subscription.” My wife despairs over the unrealized EBay value of the more than 400 board wargames that lurk on our upstairs library shelves and hide on the even larger collection of shelves in the dark recesses […]

  • Odds & Ends: June 10, 2008

    It’s been a little while since the last Odds & Ends column, so I’ll throw another one out there for readers to chew on: A discussion focusing on American Civil War games and fog of war Chris Wehner has a nice entry on Civilian Casualties as a Direct Result of the Civil War John Burns […]

  • Antietam – In Their Quiet Fields II by MMP

    I was a bit surprised to find In Their Quiet Fields II still available for purchase at Multiman Publishing’s Civil War Brigade Series web site. ITQFII recreates the Battle of Antietam at the brigade level with a ground scale of 200 yards per hex. Since the title WAS available, I purchased it. As some of […]

  • Odds & Ends: May 15, 2008

    It’s time again for another round of Odds & Ends. One of the more interesting studies mentions Multiman Publishing plans to start releasing Civil War board games set in the Western Theater and using the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series rules. Pawnderings, a wargaming blog, goes over the interesting history of the […]

  • Multiman Publishing Is Having a Sale!

    Multiman Publishing, pitcher Curt Schilling’s wargaming company best known for its Advanced Squad Leader products, is having a major sale on the eve of several new games being released. Four of the popular Civil War Brigade Series first produced by The Gamers are part of this sale, and if you don’t have them, now’s the […]

  • Civil War Talk Radio: January 28, 2005

    Air Date: 012805 Subject: Dave Powell: Civil War on a Card Table Web Site: http://www.multimanpublishing.com Guest: Dave Powell Summary: Dave Powell explains how he designs simulation games based on Civil War battles. Brett’s Summary: Dave does so much more than that!  He is talking about wargaming, mainly board games, his area of specialty, but also […]