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  • Mississippi Marine Brigade – Part 3

    Early Missions On March 13th, 1863 four of the Mississippi Marine Brigade boats, Autocrat, Adams, Baltic, Diana, departed St Louis to report to Admiral Porter at Milliken’s Bend. The Raines remained behind with the Woodford to continue recruiting efforts and to tend to a outbreak of small pox that further depleted the Brigade numbers. The […]

  • Mississippi Marine Brigade – Part 2

    Forming the Brigade The concept of a mobile force of mixed combat arms troops borne by modified river boats belonged to BG Alfred W. Ellet Jr. The commander of the Union’s brown water ram fleet had grown disenchanted with the routine duties that were assigned to the surviving rams by the end of 1862 and […]

  • Mississippi Marine Brigade-Intro

    The Mississippi Marine Brigade – Introduction Guerilla and partisan warfare played a significant role in the Civil War. While much of this type of conflict was between the Union and Confederate sympathizers of the Border States there was also a concentrated effort made against standard Union military operations in areas controlled by Federal forces as […]