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  • Combat Trash Talkin’

    I found this amusing, from Afghanistan, about the verbal war between the Afghan Army and the Taliban. The foes chatter with each other over their Vietnam-era, two-way radio system. It’s such an antiquated system that the Taliban and the Afghan forces share radio frequencies, and verbal barbs, as they try to kill or capture one […]

  • Trudeau to Take on Bristoe Station and Mine Run?

    I’ve long wished for a good campaign study looking at the clashes between the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia from after Gettysburg through the end of 1863.  As many TOCWOC readers know, both sides sent one or more corps west to the fighting at Chickamauga and Chattanooga.  Despite this, the […]

  • Review In Brief: Mine Run: A Campaign of Lost Opportunities

    Why Does Brett Review Older Books? Review In Brief: Mine Run: A Campaign Of Lost Opportunities Books on Bristoe Station & Mine Run Mine Run: A Campaign of Lost Opportunities October 21, 1863-May 1, 1864. Martin F. Graham & George Skoch. Lynchburg, VA: H.E. Howard, Inc., June 1987. 130 pp. 6 maps, including 1 large […]