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  • The Donaldsonville LA Artillery at the Siege of Petersburg: A 10 Part Series

    In  late September I commented on the good stroke of fortune I experienced when NPS Historian John Hennessy contacted me with an offer of newspaper clippings focusing on the Siege of Petersburg.  One of the first emails I received from John contained an amazing set of ten articles on the Donaldsonville Louisiana Artillery, commanded by […]

  • John Hennessy: “The Gift That Keeps on Giving”

    Editor’s Note: I also posted this short blog entry over at The Siege of Petersburg Online, which is where I’m spending most of my “Civil War time” these days. Harry Smeltzer at Bull Runnings often refers to historian John Hennessy of the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park as “the gift that keeps on giving.” […]

  • The Bull Run Experts…and Bull Run Books

    As any Civil War buff worth their salt knows, today marks the 150th Anniversary of the first Battle of Bull Run (or Manassas for folks of the Southern persuasion).  Normally I’d have some angle on the battle for an anniversary of this magnitude, but life gets in the way sometimes. First, if you’re interested in […]