Tag: History Channel

  • Was it Really John Wilkes Booth?

    Just watched part of a History Channel show that taps into the article I posted on previously about whether it was really John Wilkes Booth who was shot by Union cavalry. I will summarize it so you won’t have to watch. The man , so ’tis said, was actually James William Boyd, a former Confederate […]

  • Short Takes

    Looking for a couple of ex-Confederate brass Armstrong cannons to round out your collection? I just might know where you can find ’em. R. Lee “Gunny” Ermey is at it again with a History Channel series on weapons call Lock N’ Load, covering the history of various implements of destruction. For the Civil War buff […]

  • Whither the History (?) Channel

    Is a channel that spends more time on gangs, monsters, and prophecies really about history? Eric Wittenberg weighed in on the subject last year, and teacher Betsy Newmark is the latest to take aim with a hilarious but (but oh-so-true) graphic. It’s basically info that would appeal to a toddler boy playing with his toy […]