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  • Inside the Henry Rifle

    The Henry rifle was a giant step forward in rifle technology, eventually becoming the iconic Winchester 94, which is still produced today. Some historians, like Philip Leigh, are of the opinion that its widespread adoption might have shortened the war as much as a year. Ian at Forgotten Weapons takes a very in-depth look at […]

  • Short Takes

    A tour around the web for Civil War topics… A look at a recently acquired archive of Civil War telegraph messages, thought to be lost. As the article points out, there is quite a bit of similarity between the telegraph messages of the 19th Century and today’s text messages. Some are ciphered and the code […]

  • Short Video Takes

    Some videos that might interest TOCWOC readers: Watch an Australian re-enactor of the Napoleonic-era 95th Rifles fire a Baker rifle in sustained fire. He manages quite a respectable rate of fire, especially for a flintlock. It’s easy to see how the 95th established the superiority of the rifle on the skirmish line. The same lads […]

  • Some Old Guns

    Rock Island Auctions has some Civil War guns up for their September auction. As usual I can’t afford any of them but it’s nice to look. Of particular interest are: A contract Henry rifle for the 1st D.C. Cavalry. This rifle is one of approximately 1000 Henry rifles purchased by the Ordnance Department in late […]

  • Lee-Jackson Henry

    Another beautiful repro at a charity auction—this one is a Henry in .44-40 themed with Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, artwork by Mort Kunstler. Nice if you can afford it. It’s only money.