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  • Interview With Lee Sturkey: Author of Hampton Legion Infantry C.S.A.

    O. Lee Sturkey is the author of Hampton Legion Infantry C.S.A., a new entry in the South Carolina Regimental-Roster Set published by Broadfoot Publishing.  He has been a student of the Hampton Legion for over 25 years, making Mr. Sturkey a perfect candidate to write a book on a portion of the unit.  The endnotes […]

  • Review: Hampton Legion Infantry C.S.A. by O. Lee Sturkey

    This is the first of four reviews scheduled for Tuesdays in March.  Each review will cover one of the first four volumes of the South Carolina Regimental-Roster Set series from Broadfoot Publishing Company.  A significant portion of each review will show you how this particular volume compared to the others in the series in terms […]