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  • Petersburg Campaign Related Books from My Google Books Library

    Editor’s Note: Portions of this post originally appeared at Beyond the Crater: The Petersburg Campaign Online.  Some additional introductory material has been included here. Google Books has the potential to be a Civil War buff’s friend, at least when Google is not trying to post too much information from books still under copyright anyway.  There […]

  • Short Takes

    What exactly happened to the CSS Hunley? Its fate has been the subject of almost 150 years of conjecture and almost a decade of scientific research since the Hunley was raised back in 2000. But the submarine has been agonizingly slow surrendering her secrets. “She was a mystery when she was built. She was a […]

  • It’s Amazing What You Find When You Google Yourself

    From time to time I’ll Google my full name (first and last) to see what sort of interesting items turn up. Imagine my surprise when I learned I had been mentioned in a published book HERE. Will Kaufman’s The Civil War in American Culture mentions me in reference to my work as a Civil War […]