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    Better late than, you know…. the Pennsylvania Patriot & Union retracts an 1863 editorial panning the Gettysburg Address. Most of us would love to own a real Civil War cannon, but it’s probably still ill-advised to fire it at your neighbor, even if it’s only loaded with wadding. Dr. Howard Markel at PBS takes a […]

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    As part of the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth, the Chicago History Museum will be showcasing one of five genuine handwritten copies of the Gettysburg Address. Marking the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth this year, the Chicago History Museum will host a version of the Gettysburg Address handwritten by the president, one of only […]

  • Odds & Ends: April 12, 2008

    As promised, here’s another edition of Odds & Ends only two days later. What is Odds & Ends? Here is the answer. In addition to the Civil War blogs, I’ve also subscribed to several phrases which allow me to find some interesting blog entries and news stories involving the Civil War. I’ve decided to create […]

  • 620,000 and a Speech, or a Foundation for Reconciliation

    Hi all, Well its been a while. Like October. A lot has happened in my life since then. But that aside, I want to take a few moments to talk about the recent debate and other heated discussion about RACE. There has been considerable discussion, speeches, and even debate over how to reconcile the great […]

  • Civil War Times, July 2006

    Civil War Times Volume 45, Number 5 (July 2006) Civil War Times Web Site Page 6 Turning Points: Crossing the Mississippi by Jeffry D. Wert The crossing of the Mississippi by Grant’s Army of the Tennessee at Bruinsburg, Mississippi is the focus of this issue’s Turning Points column. Jeffrey Wert discusses Grant’s plan to have […]