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  • The Sacking of “Baldy” Smith: July 19, 1864

    Editor’s Note: This post was originally posted at The Siege of Petersburg Online and has been cross-posted here for the benefit of TOCWOC readers. *** July 19, 1864: William F. “Baldy” Smith is Relieved from Command of 18th Corps, AotJ Today marks the 150th anniversary of William F. “Baldy” Smith’s removal from command of the […]

  • Civil War Book Review: Searching for George Gordon Meade

    Searching for George Gordon Meade: The Forgotten Victor of Gettysburg by Tom Huntington Product Details Hardcover: 416 pages Publisher: Stackpole Books; 1ST edition (February 1, 2013) Language: English ISBN-10: 0811708136 ISBN-13: 978-0811708135 The invisible general Every Civil War General seems to have a group of dedicated and vocal supporters. With few problems, I can find: […]

  • Did Lee Tell Ewell To Halt on July 1 at Gettysburg?

    I’ve been spending a lot of time lately looking through old issues of the National Tribune, THE Union veterans’ paper after the Civil War.  My main goal is to find articles pertaining to the Siege of Petersburg, but I’ve found a lot of other fascinating things, and I’ve only reached early 1882.  The paper was […]

  • What If YOU Could Interview Key Players at Gettysburg?

    What questions would YOU ask them?  Publisher Wild River Press wants to know, and they’ll be using those questions in an upcoming book which puts a unique new spin on the often overdone Battle of Gettysburg.  Tom Pero, the founder of Wild River Press, explains: Wild River Press (a small publisher of high-quality fishing and […]

  • Civil War Odds & Ends: July 26, 2008

    Yesterday’s Odds & Ends took a look at the latest in the Civil War blogosphere.  As promised, here is a bonus Odds & Ends covering the rest of the latest Civil War news across the rest of the World Wide Web.  I am also going to start calling this column “Civil War Odds & Ends” […]