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  • Blue & Gray, Fall 2005

    Blue & Gray magazine is one of the top Civil War magazines available. The main articles usually contain endnotes, and the maps are very detailed and numerous. Blue & Gray has an “article and tour guide format”. That is, the magazine contains a main article on a battle or campaign, and later in the issue […]

  • B&G: Not THAT Falling Waters

    I finally managed to open up the latest issue of Blue & Gray magazine, and I realized immediately that the Falling Waters being described was not the Falling Waters of the Gettysburg Campaign, but instead an engagement which occurred early in the war near the same place on July 2, 1861. I should’ve paid more […]

  • Fall 2005 Issue of Blue & Gray Available

    The Fall 2005 issue of Blue & Gray magazine reached my doorstep this afternoon. As Drew Wagenhoffer points out in his new Civil War Books and Authors blog, the main subject this time around is Falling Waters. I should have a summary of the contents up some time next week. Check out Brett’s list of […]